Top SEO Trends in 2017

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seo trends

Top SEO Trends in 2017

When we post anything on our blogs or websites, we anticipate the comments, likes, and shares to flood in. Whatever website or blog we are managing, increasing traffic will always be a major concern. It might seem like a huge problem, but guess what? It’s 2017 and the current trends for SEOs show undeniably great promise. Website owners must be aware with these advances on search engine optimization to improve their rankings on different search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is important to note that what works well three years ago might not do well as much for the upcoming years. So here’s a brief list of the latest SEO trends this year that could help your site knock down the giants of web leaderboards.

seo trends

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Whether we like it or not, our mobile phones have become a true necessity for communication and browsing. Mobile web is continuously being improved and one effective step in its development is Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs. AMPs allow webmasters to customize webpages that immediately load on mobile devices. This protocol will increase loading up to four times faster and decrease data usage of up to eight times less. Google has now started to prioritize AMPs and you, as a webmaster, should too! No one loves to wait for their pages to load as if it will take forever!

  • RankBrain

It’s indeed like our brains – intelligent, but artificial. RankBrain is Google’s machine-learning, artificial intelligence system that aids in processing search results. It is basically a part of the algorithm involved in Google’s overall search process. Machine-learning systems have been employed and continuously improved today. Particularly, RankBrain understands and interprets searches that people make to display pages that contain inexact but relevant content to the exact searched words. How useful is that? With this feature, Google can know exactly what you’re looking for and can even suggest ones that they’re sure will be pretty helpful!

  • Snippets and Rich Answers

Not all of us would search “ways to unclog the drain”. Some would rather search queries such as “how to unclog a drain” or “what can I do to unclog a kitchen drain”. We all think differently, but luckily, these highly evolved search engines could understand our diversity. Rich answers are Google’s attempt to answer a query without having to open a certain website. These answers come from sites which Google thinks has the most relevant answer to a query. This makes your site or blog look reliable and authentic! Always still keep in mind – content is the master.

  • Voice Search

According to a recent study, 55% of teenagers and 56% of adults utilize voice search daily. Google Voice Search, Cortana and Siri might be familiar to most of us especially these youngsters. Not that we’re developing a generation of lazy kids, but voice search really makes the work to be done less tedious. Voice search queries are most of the time constructed in what, who, where, how and why questions. This 2017, webmasters should focus on publishing contents that directly answer those types of questions. It’s the main goal of customers anyway – to get the clear, straight to the point and best answers they could! Oh and this year, voice search is not just about voice recognition but also about voice understanding. Let’s all look out for this!

  • Rise of Video Content

Written contents are unquestionably still the main thing. Today, a lot of new video platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope are on trend! It is hard to calculate when exactly but videos are definitely the next content type to watch out for. Instructional videos, webinars, and vlogs are definitely everywhere. Videos are visually appealing and may precisely present your desired content in an interesting yet informative manner. Who knows? No one initially predicted voice searches could even be possible!

video content

Given all these hot trends for 2017, the perfect formula to increase a site’s viewer traffic would be a combination of good SEO strategies, quality (interesting, relevant, useful, and complete) content, and best promotional techniques. For webmasters, awareness of these SEO trends is really a must. It will help you skyrocket in the lists of searches! Always be updated because these trends are dynamic and will always dictate the pace of the site you’re running!

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