5 SEO Tips To Get You More Dental Patients

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5 SEO Tips To Get You More Dental Patients

Okay so before we get into the 5 tips let’s clear something up. If you are reading this article you most likely are not getting the amount of leads you would like each month from your website. How do we know? Because if you were, you’d be up to your eyes with patients teeth to clean, and wouldn’t be spending your free time reading articles on how to get more dental patients through seo. So with that established, you now must fall into one of two categories. Either A, you’ve never done seo to your site or had an agency do seo for you, or B, you’ve had seo done in the past, but experienced little to no results. Now whichever category you fall into, I’m sure you have your doubts on the effectiveness of seo. and rightfully so considering the experience or lack their of you’ve had with it.

Unfortunately a lot of so called “seo experts” are running rampant among the internet marketing space. These “experts” in reality have no idea what they are doing, and are typically from foreign countries. These are the people that reach out to you and say, “I can rank you on page 1 of google for $100 a month”. And guess what happens? Right. Nothing. You get what you pay for. No results. And it’s because of experiences like this that a lot of local business owners have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to seo. Which is a shame, because this causes these business owners to miss out on a ton of potential leads and growth for their business.

Now how do we know these “seo experts” exist and are the ones polluting the space? Well, have you ever received emails like this before? We have, almost daily. And we are a seo company for peets sake!

dental seo

dental marketing

Now we get bombarded with these type of mailings on a daily basis. And being a dentist (one of the best fields for local seo), I am almost certain that you do too! With spammy outreach like this, and promises of miracle results for next to no investment, how could anyone think seo is anything more than a wasted investment?

Getting To Know What SEO REALLY Is And What It Can Do For You

Don’t worry, your five seo tips that will help you get more patients are coming soon. But first, I wanted to give you a better idea of what seo really is, and what it can do for your business. Now I’m not going to get technical, as you are a dentist, you make money from keeping people’s teeth healthy, I don’t expect you to understand a bunch of technical jargon, nor do you need to. Let’s just jump into a live example.

For this example, we are going to be looking at dentists in the city of Philadelphia. None of the dentists in this city are our clients and that is why I chose it as an example so it would be an unbiased fresh look. Below is a picture of the search results in Google if you type in “Philadelphia dentist”.


As you can see from the photo phillydentistry.com or, Dr. Ken Cirka, have very good rankings for this search term. Dr. Ken shows up first inside of the google maps 3-pack, and his dental website shows up #2 in the search results just behind Yelp. And being that most people conducting a search for a dentist aren’t looking for a Yelp listing, but an actual dentist, Dr. Ken is going to be getting the majority of the clicks from this search.

So Dr. Ken has 2 spots on the top of the first page of google for his local search terms, big deal, right? Well it kind of is, and let’s get into why. Below is a picture showing the average search volume; or how many times a certain phrase is being typed into google each month, for “philadelphia dentist” and other related searches.

dental leads

So if you add up all of the searches, you get 3,420 searches per month. And keep in mind every single person typing this into google is ACTIVELY looking for a dentist in the Philadelphia area. What does this mean? Well, it means that these are the most targeted leads you can get. Now let’s put this into perspective with some math.

If you take the collective search volume and multiple that by .3 you get 1,026. Now we are using .3 because that will act as the “click through rate” or CTR for the top ranking website. According to google the top organic listing gets on average 30-40% of the clicks, so for this example, we will go with the bare minimum of 30%. (Also keep in mind this isn’t including calls from the map pack ranking) So now let’s take 1,026 and multiple that by .02 which comes out to 20.52, so rounding down, 20. The .02 represents the percentage of people who will land on the dental practice site and actually convert into a paying patient. A 2% conversion rate is VERY low by the way, considering all of these leads are red hot. So what does this mean, well, it means that if Dr. Ken is showing up as the top listing for all of these phrases; which he is for many if you go check, then he is getting an average of 20 new patients per month as the result of seo!

Now one last bit of math. If you take 20 and multiple that by let’s say $10,000, you get $200,000. What does this number mean? Well the 10,000 represents the average lifetime value of a dental patient, sourced from this article. So this would mean by that math, that every month, Dr. Ken is adding an average of $200,000 in revenue to his business over the span of his lifetime. Wild right? With these numbers, you can imagine why Dr. Ken is comfortable paying 5k-10k per month to an seo agency to achieve these results for him.

But I know what you’re thinking, “my office isn’t located in Philadelphia? and Philadelphia is very populated” And you’re right, Philadelphia is a big city. However I’d be willing to bet that whatever city you’re located in also has a bunch of potential patients searching for your services on google each month. Even if the volumes aren’t as high as Philadelphia, getting that traffic could cause monumental growth for your practice.

The 5 SEO Tips That Can Help Get You More Leads

Now that you have a true understanding of seo and what it can do for you, let’s get into those tips!

1. Improve your sites loading speed

Slow loading speed not only hurts your website’s seo, but it also hurts your conversion rates. If you were browsing online, and you clicked a website, and it took ages to load, what would you do? Exactly, what anyone else would do, back out and go to the next website. And that’s exactly what leads are doing on your site if it takes too long to load. Not to mention, slow loading speeds can directly impact your rankings within google negatively. You can check your websites loading speed with the Google Page Speed Test. (shown below)


Tips to improve page speed. (WordPress) If your site is not made with wordpress, you may need a developer to do these for you.

  • Shrink all image sizes (Install wp.smush plugin)
  • Browser caching (install wp super cache)

2. Have a contact form on the home page above the fold

Now this tip doesn’t really affect seo but more so effects conversion rates once people land on your site. Optimally, you want a contact form embedded in the upper fold (part of your site people see without scrolling down) of your site as soon as people land on it. See below for an example. This is an easy fix you can have your web developer do really quick.


3. Optimize Your Sites Content For Geo Specific Keywords

This may seem obvious, but you want to be sure that the keywords you are trying to rank for are somewhere in the content on the page you are trying to rank. And make sure you include your location too, after all you only want patients that are within your vicinity and can travel to you.

4. Ensure your “NAP” is correct

NAP stands for “Name, Address, and Phone number”. For seo purposes, it is VERY crucial that your NAP matches up across your website, your citations, business listings, and pretty much anywhere that mentions your site. Why? Because if your NAP does not match exactly across all of these mediums, google will actually interpret them as separate businesses, which harshly impacts your seo. It especially hurts your chances of being shown in the map pack results.

5. Ensure you are on social media

Social media sites are some of the biggest most trustworthy sites in the eyes of google. It’s crucial that you have a presence on as many social media sites as possible. Social media profiles present the easy opportunity to give yourself a free backlink to your site. In case you don’t know, a back is a link from one website that points to your website. Backlinks are a major ranking factor within Google. But not only is social media great for the backlinks, but also for branding purposes. These days if you don’t have a good social media presence it almost looks suspect to people.



So at this point you definitely can see the benefits of seo and how it can get you a lot more dental patients walking through the doors of your office. But now you’re probably thinking  “I see the potential, but I don’t have time to do this myself, nor do I honestly want to do this myself”. And luckily, you don’t have to. This is where the “seo experts” from the above emails come into play! Ha, ha. Okay, just kidding. On a serious note, this is where we come in. Our company specializes in seo for the healthcare sector, we’ve helped many dentists generate more leads for their businesses.

And now that you are more familiar with how seo works, and you’ve seen a live example of what benefits a solid seo campaign can provide a dentist office, the next step would be to see exactly what can be done for YOU and your practice. Now to move forward there is one of two options available. Firstly, you can click here to have a free video audit conducted of your website. In this video, we’d go over some issues with your site, briefly look into your main competitors, and also show you the potential for patient acquisition in your area by checking out search volumes. You can go here to have that made for you It’s completely free and will be delivered within 48 hours.

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Now option 2 is for those who read this article, got excited, see the potential, and just want to bypass any other fluff and get a quote for an seo campaign. If this is you, you can go here to fill out our dentist discovery form, this will provide us all the necessary information we need to provide you with an accurate quote for services. You will receive the quote within 48 hours of filling out the form.

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