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Youtube Marketing

Do you have a Youtube channel and want to get more views? How would you like your videos ranked at the top of Youtube? Let us help you grow your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Need help getting found online? Want to get more targeted visitors coming to your site on a daily basis? An SEO campaign is just what you need.

Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to grow your social media presence? How about run a Facebook ad campaign to your target audience? Don’t know where to start? Let us help.

Web Design


Let us create a stunning, high converting website for your business, that fits perfectly with your brand.

What You Get With Us


Jake's passion for SEO and web design is astounding. He's one of the only marketer's I've met that actively stays on top of trends and provides his clients with the best, long-lasting results possible. I'd highly recommend him to any business looking to get a great design and stay on top of search results.


Brendan Martin

( Digital Marketing Expert )

Jake is a true professional and a great SEO. He also has a great entrepreneurial gift and can make great things happen. I highly recommend his services!


Alnoor Verjee

( Founder, SEO Expert & Google Partner at AV Solutions Central )

If you're looking for someone to handle internet marketing or web design for your company, Jake is your man. I can't think of someone as passionate about his craft than Jake is. He will stop at nothing to achieve the results you desire and more!


Kasem Bajwa

( Founder and CEO at iFlex Studios )

Anyone looking for top notch SEO services should look no further than Jake. He brings a unique and powerful skill set when it comes to ranking businesses at the top of Google search and maps. If you are looking for an SEO expert to take your company to the next level then contact Jake. I highly recommend him.


Christian Ontog

( Olongapo SEO Expert )

If your business is serious about reaching its goals for the year, then I highly suggest you use Jake's services. Scarlet SEO is up to date with the latest trends and secrets.


Mark | High Demand Consulting

( Consultant and Project Manager )

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Why SEO Is a Better Choice for Your Marketing Than PPC Businesses new to internet marketing with a limited budget will eventually be faced with the difficult choice between search engine optimization (SEO) and a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. There are a variety of online companies providing both PPC and SEO packages so it can

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